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Federal Contracts –
Energy Conservation & Infrastructure Improvements

Since 1998, NASCO has implemented tens of millions of square feet of infrastructure improvements and upgrades coast to coast for US Federal Government installations, bases, and facilities. In many, if not most, cases this infrastructure renovation has included comprehensive energy conservation and system efficiency measures such as lighting, building controls, HVAC, geothermal, central heating & cooling plants and renewable energy systems. In addition to our vast experience in infrastructure renovation and upgrades, NASCO has been the GC/CM for many new construction projects. As a rule, these projects have been designed and built to a LEED Silver standard to ensure energy efficiency and sustainability.

In all, NASCO’s infrastructure and energy conservation work has saved US taxpayers millions of dollars in reduced energy costs, while providing facilities that are safer, more secure, healthy, productive and efficient.

Energy Related Projects -Domestic

The following list includes domestic projects in which members of the NASCO Energy International team had a critical role in developing and implementing for public, commercial and industrial clients in the United States.


Georgia - CONTRACT - 10 MW
Biomass-to-power project for 10 megawatts net electricity. Contract provides for medium and low voltage electrical design, all mechanical equipment, erection, installation, piping, wiring, secondary emissions control system, exhaust gas ducting, and flue stack.

Alaska - 2 MW
Combined Heat & Power

Oregon - 1.5 MW
Combined Heat & Power

Hawaii - Honolulu - 500 kW
Biomass-to-power (500 kW) generation for satellite station providing off-grid power source to power antenna.

Hawaii - Turtle Bay = 1.5 MW
Wood biomass system will provide low cost independent power for the resort.

Hawaii - Honolulu – Phase One - 5 MW
Contract provides system engineering and equipment with installation and supervision of erection for a biomass solid fuel-fired boiler.

University of Iowa - 2013 ENERGY AWARD
600 BoHp Hybrid Biomass Steam Generator with Gasifier and Hot Gas Filtration System. Wood chips from local sawmill for boiler; Iowa agricultural products for gasifier

Southeast Alaska Discovery Center, Ketchikan AK
27 BoHP Hot Water Biomass Boiler with Underfeed Stoker and Dry Ash Removal – Indoor Installation. Densified Fuel Pucks to offset hight cost/limited availability of fossil fuel, 2011.

Mullins Cheese Mosinee, Wisconsin
600 BoHP Biomass Boiler and Natural Gas Burner and Vibrating Fuel Conveyor. Hardwood Chips, 2010.

ST Paper
1500 HP Boiler Substoichiometric Combination fuel gasifier, combustor, heat recovery system, dry electrostatic precipitator. Fuel mixture of clean, residual construction wood products and clean paper sludge.
Oconto Falls, Wisconsin, 2007 through 2011

Seaman Paper No. 1 & No. 2 - 2008 ENERGY AWARD
Hybrid 600 boiler, baghouse, filled-tube waste heat recovery economizer, thermo compressors, heat exchanger, recycling of effluent. Shredded Pallet Wood Fuel

Sisters of Providence College
Steam Plant and Six Section Walking Floor Fuel Feed System. Wood fuel.
St. Mary of the Woods, IN, 2006 - 2007

Vandenberg AFB, CA comprehensive electrical and energy revisions and upgrades to their Launch Control Facility.

Hurlburt FL Air Force Base: High-Performance design and construction of a state of the art Child Development and ongoing care facility for the US Air Force.

Holtsville, NY: Uninterruptible power supply building and energy distribution system for the US Internal Revenue Service.

McAllen, TX: Design and construction of a high-performance, state of the art Medcath Heart Hospital and Medical Office Building, including 50 bed cardiac care facility with attached 20,000 ft2 medical office building.

Milton FL Corrections design and construction of 600 bed facility. Project included all central heating and cooling plants that included solar hot water systems that tempered the entire facility and evaporative cooling systems.

Tri-Cities, WA: Industrial refrigeration and climate control system for a 20,000 ton potato storage facility.

Hermiston OR: Industrial refrigeration and climate control system for a 16,000 ton onion storage and processing facility.

University of Idaho $35 million energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade project for 3M ft2 of campus, saving over $1.4M per year in energy costs. Project included a woody biomass fuel drying and handling facility; chilled water thermal storage system; comprehensive lighting retrofit; major mechanical and building control systems upgrades.

University of Idaho, Boise Waterer Center chilled water plant upgrade.

University of Idaho Hagerman Research Center energy conservation and HVAC system upgrade.

Boise State University $10M comprehensive energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade project that saved the university over $800K per year in utility costs and included campus wide energy, mechanical, lighting, steam and chilled water distribution upgrades.

Blaine County $12M geothermal heating and cooling network. This project was awarded a $5M DOE geothermal grant for innovative engineering and design.

State of Idaho Capital Mall energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade project.

Treasure Valley Community College (OR) energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade project.

Canyon County Idaho energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade project.

Salmon Idaho energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade project.

Caldwell, ID School District energy performance contract and infrastructure upgrade project.

Caldwell, ID LEED Gold High Performance Design-Build state of the art school construction project.

Kellogg, ID School District’s woody biomass heating plant, energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade project. Awarded a $400K USFS biomass grant.

Council, ID Idaho School District’s wood biomass heating plant, energy conservation and infrastructure upgrade project. Awarded a $700K USFS biomass utilization grant.

* Projects Currently Under Development

5 MWe rice hull biomass CHP plant for food processing plant in SE US*

3 MWe biogas CHP plant for municipal waste water treatment plant in Western US*

5 MWe biomass CHP plant for University in Western US*

4M gallon cellulosic ethanol batch plant renovation in SE US*