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NASCO is committed to sustainable energy, infrastructure and economic development by thinking globally and acting locally. In a construction world dominated by “low-bid/low-quality” we believe in a total cost of ownership approach that provides true life-cycle performance and the highest possible quality and value. By focusing on real-world performance, we develop and implement projects that make the most technical, financial, operational, political and environmental sense.

We offer state-of-the-art sustainable energy solutions for all of our client’s thermal energy and power generation demands. Our experienced team will help clients navigate options for turnkey projects that include biomass, solar, bio-gas, waste-to-energy, CHP (combined heat and power) and other sustainable energy sources. We specialize in remote, rural, and challenging scenarios. Our “cradle to grave” approach provides a complete suite of services that include:

• Conceptualization
• Engineering
• Fuel aggregation and analysis
• Equipment selection
• Fuel-handling systems
• Turbine or reciprocal engine generators
• Gasifiers
• Integrated controls
• Installation
• Project & construction management
• Green energy credits and utility incentives
• Financial Engineering
• Power purchasing agreements
• Commissioning
• Measurement & Verification